10 Commandments of a Fearless Mom


10 Commandments For Fearless Moms

  1. You shall teach your child who God Jehovah is and that through Him they can do all things.

  2. You shall love and prioritize your child all the days the Lord God has them in your care.

  3. You shall live your life wisely in front of your child, so as they grow older, you keep their respect.

  4. You shall instruct your child’s ignorance and not withhold correction when disobedience abounds.

  5. You shall allow them to be children and lead them in exploration in discovering the world around them.

  6. You shall NOT leave your child’s learning solely in the hands of their teachers. Instead commit to discovering their learning style that they may succeed in school.

  7. You shall NOT take your child on excess trips to eat fast food.

  8. You shall communicate to your child regularly that they are strong in the Lord and in the power His might.

  9. You shall choose your words wisely so that your child will learn to speak LIFE.

  10. You shall commit to STOP all other activity and teach your child what is means to rest.

Emilie LewisComment