The Great Giver

While doing some much needed sifting and de-cluttering I came across one of my favorite children’s books. It’s one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. I found it in a dusty bin of children’s books that I can’t bare to part with. As I stared at the bright green cover with a nostalgic smile on my face I took a rest on the closet floor. I read it once again (no children necessary). Just like always, it caused my eyes to tear up.

The title of this beautifully written book is “The Giving Tree”. It’s a story about an apple tree that loved a boy. Through the years the tree watched the small boy grow into an old man. As the boy grew the tree cared for and loved him through all of life’s phases. Through each season of the boy’s life, the tree would sacrificially give a portion of itself, literally, so that the boy would not lack anything and thus be happy. This story has so much power and anointing for me as I look at it threw the lenses of the spirit.

For me this tree is just like our God. He’s always there with us through everything we face. Through our highest mountain experience and each valley no matter how low. Each time I go to my secret place of prayer with my mind full of confusion and present to Him my anxiety, frustrations and worries, He shows up. It’s then that I am reminded of how He takes care of me with His outstretched arms of love which are never empty, but full of promise. He began this tradition of giving to me when He willing took an all night beating and ended it with death on the cross. And as if this were not enough, He never comes to my secret place alone, but He comes with the spirit of peace that calms the storm brewing within me. Suddenly, every doubt that I carried in with me is gone and the fog of confusion, which blurred my vision, is lifted. Then I surface from my secret place feeling stronger and giving praise for He caused me to see clearly once again.

My beautiful sister if you find yourself needing to run to your secret place so that God can ease your troubled mind then rest assured that the King eternal sees where you are. God is there waiting to embrace you and cover you with His wings of love. He knows you far better than you know yourself. He also knows what’s best for you and the way that you should take. He knows, He knows, hallelujah He knows! His great omnipotence deserves your trust, for He is God. But know this, even if you don’t immediately trust Him and chose your own way, He will still be there waiting. So when you do decide that its time to go to the tree, allow His forgiveness and love to bless you and cover you like a warm blanket.

It’s through these experiences God strengthens us, and we are made aware of how giving our tree is. Before we know it, we are able to see our way through the new challenge presented to us by the world. Even these things don’t bother us because in our God we find ALL that we need to rise above the storm. For in our lives, God has been just like that beautiful Giving Tree. But He’s not just a tree that will one day cease to be here, He is eternal, He’s the Great Giver!

Xavier JacksonComment