A Mother's Wage

Mother’s Day has come and gone and I pray that yours was filled with the love of family and making beautiful memories with your children.

 After doing a bit of research, I found that a national statistic showed that Mother’s Day is the second most celebrated holiday in the United States next to Christmas! Therefore, I’m sure that many of you received countless gifts, flowers, and cards. O.K., maybe for some of us, countless is too strong a word to use here.  How about at least one gift, a bouquet of flowers, and a card?  Yeah, that sounds more like it.  It’s amazing that no matter how few the accolades, we still love this job of being a mom.  Though I wouldn’t turn down the money if anyone were offering – Ha!

 I’ve been thinking, what would it be like if each of us received a salary for raising our children.  For each week of being focused and dedicated to the job called mothering, you would actually receive cash money.  And, what if the amount of your salary would increase dependent on how well your children behaved or the grades they received in school?  What would the salary be for a job like this? Would this position pay as much or higher than an NBA or NFL all-star?  Would you receive a salary that’s equivalent to a doctor or lawyer?  To me, the answer is easy: ABSOLUTELY!  Especially when there’s a mom who gives her all, and loves giving it. The Lord knows she may be called upon any given day to be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, councilor or friend.  Some days, it’s all at the same time.

 Unfortunately, none of this is our reality as mothers. We do not and probably will never receive a salary for what we do: a job that’s done whether we are well or sick, happy or sad, bursting with energy or completely exhausted. And really, it wouldn’t matter if we did. No salary would be large enough to repay a good mother for her job well done. So how do we get compensated for what we do day in and day out?  I’ll tell you. Every time your child runs up for no reason and hugs you, you get paid. When your son brings home an “A” in a subject he wasn’t doing so well in, and you know you’re the one who helped him and believed that he could do better; you just got paid. When your daughter comes and tells you she wants to be just like you, you just got paid. When you receive a handful of dandelions from the yard; you just got paid. The day your child stands to receive the gift of salvation, well, then, you just got paid in full. And, ladies, I would take that kind of compensation over any dollar amount that could be given.

Why, because those things are eternal.

Emilie LewisComment