It's a Good Day

There’s something so wonderfully peaceful about the quiet of the morning. I love getting up when everyone else is still in bed sleeping. While my family is finishing dreams and making final pillow turns, I welcome the sound of nothing but the house making noises.
The sound of the morning animals getting their day started before we humans drown out their morning noise with ours. I sit for a minute to take in the stillness of the kitchen’s atmosphere. Quietly, I fill the teapot with water and prepare myself for that first cup of coffee. This is my ME time. It’s just me, alone with the warm cup and my thoughts. I ask myself the question - what will this day bring? It really doesn’t matter what the day brings because this is THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE.

It’s then that I go to the chair that faithfully awaits me, and the book with all the answers. So, I open it and find what I’m looking for. Peace for my mind, strategy for my day and joy to take with me. Yes, this is my favorite time of the day. Then, before I am aware of it, I hear THEIR morning sounds. Mom! Have you seen my…, can you sign my…? With a heart that’s smiling, I answer – because of course us mothers seem to know where everything is. Lord knows I just love my big little people. They quickly grab some form of breakfast. The books and papers are everywhere and somehow find their way back into the backpacks. And, in what feels like 5 seconds, it’s almost 7:30 and we are in the car on our way. Like most moms, the usual pace of the day is rush, rush, rush and I’m thinking: where did the morning go?

Meetings have been and plans have been made. Kids are picked up, dinner has been prepared, eaten and the kitchen – well, that’s another story. Before I realize what time it is – the morning has turned into night.

Tomorrow it starts again. As I go to bed, I am thankful for it because I’ll have another chance to make it a “good morning.”

Emilie LewisComment