The Next Level Woman

I am so glad you’ve taken the time out of your day to stop by my blog today.

I have something great to share with you, and if you embrace it, it will change your life. It will change your children’s lives. It will change the depth of your relationships. Here it is.

We are daughters of Ruth. It is more than okay to be a little unsure of yourself at times. That only proves that you know you must rely on the power of God. But what is not okay is fear. Fear causes you to forget that you are anointed. Fear makes you frantic. Fear makes you fragile. Fear causes you to forget who you are and whose you are. I am not saying you will never be afraid, what I am saying is you just can’t live there. In the face of fear, you need to always persevere, trust God and keep on moving. BE a Next Level Woman!

What is a Next Level Woman?

She is a woman that has a revelation from God for her life. When she seeks God, he shows her the powerful, anointed woman that’s lying deep within her. The woman that wants to emerge from the issues, negative attitudes and fear that has been all consuming for far too long.

When we study Ruth, we learn that she was a Moabite and her people worshipped other gods. But when Ruth was introduced to the true and living God, she never went back. She never let anyone or any situation turn her away from God and you can’t either.

A “Next Level Woman” understands covenant. This woman doesn’t cut covenant with just anyone. She is careful who her friends are. She doesn’t marry just any man that happens along and spend more than a few minutes with her. This is what the world has become accustom to and she takes no part in that kind of behavior. She realizes that she is an example for the Kingdom and she takes that quite seriously.

A “Next Level Woman” stands firm. She remains consistently faithful in her Christian walk, no matter what her present season may be. Woman of God, it doesn’t matter how great the trial is that you are facing. Just Stand! The Word of God says, when you have done all to stand, stand some more, stand still and see the salvation of God.

Finally, “A Next Level Woman” always moves forward. She goes forward in her thinking. She does not allow circumstances to put her on pause. So, don’t allow your situation to grip you with fear and paralyze your faith. I encourage you to shake it off and move forward. God did not save you and deliver you for your life to be stuck on pause. There’s a world that needs you, so you cannot stay stuck. Start moving forward TODAY and continue to be a Next Level Woman.

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