Behind Closed Doors

Recently, my triplet son’s started high school. I can hardly get over how the time has past so quickly. Dropping them off that first day brought up unexpected feelings of joy and sadness at the same time. Suddenly, I felt very proud of them and how grown they’ve become. While at the same time, I felt like a person needing more time to accomplish a goal while the seconds on the clock for that goal were ticking away. I hadn’t felt this way since the day they started kindergarten. It was, to say the least, Strange. I only have 4 more years with my special boys before I see them off to college. I can hardly believe it.

I’m sure that every mother fells that their children are special, but for me, these children are a reminder that God is all powerful, all knowing and the essence of all that is amazing. For those of you who are unfamiliar my testimony, I’ll briefly share it with you.

15 years ago, after nearly a year of trying to have children, Pastor and I were informed that we would not be able to have a baby on our own due some physical problems I was experiencing. It looked as if we would have to adopt if we were to have children at all. We were definitely concerned and a bit scared, but we believed that the Lord would have the final word on our circumstance. We were determined to believe His report. And this is where the testimony gets good! Although it looked as though the door to giving birth to children was closed, God, in all His mercy, had another plan for us. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned around for our good and his glory. Need I say more?

I realized through the struggle to have children, that although the door seemed closed, it really wasn’t. It was what my human mind, that couldn’t conceive of what God had planned for me, thought. I also realized that although I thought it was the enemy attacking me, it wasn’t necessarily. It was a result of bad decisions I had made that God was working out for me in order to bring his name fame.

I learned that the appearance of a closed door could really represent a miracle that has yet to happen. When you know that the Lord has truly spoken to your spirit, and you find a word of scripture to stand on, you are in a great place. You are in a place where you can be used as a representative of his miraculous power. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, just know though you can delay it, there’s almost nothing you can do to stop God’s plan. When you feel at you’re at your end, know this - NO demon in hell has the power to stop you from prayingand believing. Your belief ignites Gods power and unlocks that seemingly closed door. And don’t worry about how long your may wait. Although we must wait on the Lord for the door to come open, the waiting will matures us like nothing else. And when the door does open and the blessing is more than you could have ever asked for or ever thought of, you realize it was worth every minute that you waited. I am a living witness that God is able.

So hold on, be fearless, and firmly trust Him! Know He is your very present help, and He will show up.


Xavier Jackson1 Comment